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Our Terms and Conditions

Many thanks for choosing our writing essay service named EssayProfy

Choosing our Company as a primary partner for your order execution, we guarantee you full responsibility for the professional level of your papers and their high quality. We also bear responsibility for the services provided by our writing team. Investment you make brings its high results.

Nevertheless, by placement your order you accept and agree to the “Terms and Conditions” EssayProfy Company offers. So, please, do a favor to read them attentively.


Making a decision to use our writing essay services means you studied the “Terms and Conditions” section and agreed to it. Therefore, you allow us making a charge on any payment option you have.

Our Terms

Our Product Terms of Usage

EssayProfy offers all materials and writing services completed by the expert writers and specialists and based on their independent personalized research. All the services we provide are unique and they cannot be used for breaking the restriction of international copyright.

Source Materials

To perform your order in the best manner EssayProfy practices using all checked and trusted materials while fulfilling your writing paper. Such materials as books, various journals, papers or even meetings are used for research despite you ask and indicate your specific materials to study.

Detailed Information

Our Company is aimed at writing essays of high quality. Any type of the paper, whether it is research paper, dissertation or your coursework, is targeted to meet all expectation of the Customer. In order to perform your paper in the best manner you should give the instructions.

The process and technique is not difficult. All you are to do is:

  • Use the Order Form firstly to post and specify the instructions;
  • To finally confirm them you should be logged in Order Tracking Area and learn the information you posted there;
  • In case some misunderstandings or uncertainties are left for the Writer, they have the rights to ask for extra clarifications or some additional facts, information or whatever else.

After placement your order no more than three hours is given for affirmation all directions of your paper that may be done through “Order Tracking Area”.

 Guarantees we give

Among the guarantees in force for this very season you may find the next ones:

  • All assignments offered by our Company “EssayProfy” have their uniqueness, freshness and meet all needs of the client;
  • Your assignment will not be resold, exchanged or used in any other needs;
  • We stick to the time frames. That means we guarantee to perform our works on time, according to the requested instruction;
  • All your data is secured and will never be used without your assent.

Revision Policy

In case of getting your fulfilled order and admitting your writing paper does not answer the settled and discussed directions, you (the Customer) have right for a revision with no pay. But do remember, that Customer can require free revision request during 14 days after the assignment was completed.

Some formats of the papers, such as exposition, for instance, will have a 30 days privilege time for free revision and amendment after the first paper delivery.

If we do not receive any request for the correction during the free trial period, we take it as a customer’s approvement of the completed assignment and its quality level, and no more operations are intended to be accomplished with that very paper.

Guarantees of Refunds

Our Company EssayProfy understands and allows some extra situations and emergency cases when the placed order should be canceled, because of the Customer’s desire or circumstances. In case of paper has not been finished or its finished structure has not been downloaded by you, we promise the full discount. If you decide to cancel your request, any refunds will be charged back during 5-7 days after cancellation request time.

Any delay from our side will be compensated and returned in the form of discounts for your next assignments.

Our Conditions

Verification Request

Our Company provides guarantees that all your data (personal and credit) will be secured and will be inaccessible to the third persons. To ensure you in our seriousness we propose a confirmation section. The confirmation method means the application is credible, first of all. Also any charges can be made only after telephone call notification of the cardholder.

Do remember that it is not compelled to defray your bill through your credit card. Customers may easily use their PayPal accounts for charging transactions as such system does not require any verification and confirmation.