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Topics for essay projects

Often students try to do their best in writing the essays and work hard on them but they get a lose marks. What is the reason of such deal? Lack of knowledge or poor writing skills? The most often these are the following reasons:

  • inconsistency of topic and project’s objective;
  • incorrect format and style, which do not correspond to the academic requirement and guidelines;
  • irrelevant and unknown research sources;
  • low quality presentation, which also spoils the essay.

If all previously mentioned is beyond question, there would be not so many reasons that can spoil good grade for the essay.

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Choosing an appropriate topic for successful essay project

Conceiving the topic of essay is initial and without exaggeration, the most important stage of general work. Not all ideas, which come to you at once are good for you future essay project.  There are many points to be taken into account while choosing for appropriate topic for an essay project. It is necessary to find topic, which meets the following requirements:

  • all guidelines and instruction of the institution respecting choice of topic are carried out;
  • objective of the task is fulfilled;
  • topic appeals to the author;
  • it appeals to the audience as well;
  • presence of wide range of available sources for conducting scientific research;
  • author has good knowledge in the sphere of chosen topic;
  • the work on this topic will be completed according to the deadline;

Examples of typical essay topics



An ideal essay topic should first of all suits you, because exactly you will perform an essay and if the author dislikes his creation the grade unlikely will be high. The second point is that the topic should suits the target audience, which must perceive your topic positively and consider it vital. (thereupon, qualitative presentation plays here the crucial role and can sufficiently increase the grade for the essay project). Finally, the topic must suits the assignment of the institution. Even perfect essay topic, which doesn’t exactly correspond to the assignment, will fail. Here are examples of essay topics for your consideration Characterize Byron’s autobiographical poems.

  • Why does English is the language of international communication?
  • Analyze the causes and results of the Cold War.
  • Justify the notion that United Nations is efficient organization in international conflict resolution.
  • Do children influence parents’ behavior?
  • How can society contribute to the economic prosperity of a state?
  • Describe the anatomy of carnivorous plants.