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College essay structure — best writing services

Everybody knows that essays are the most frequent task at the institutions of education of different levels. If you strive to create a perfect work, you must know general rules and standards. The mostly often mistake is a false framework of the essays that brings to the poor quality of the entire work.



All essays usually have the similar framework and inscribe several invariable units, which are always used during creation of a new one. Essay should inscribe as follows:

  1. Introduction, it is basic unit, where author should reveal the relevance of the topic.
  2. Semantic part of the work comes after the introductory part and should inscribe the following paragraphs:
  • Used sources overview (literature, original sources, other resources, data, etc.);
  • Investigation methodology used by the creator in the work;
  • Discussion it is the third subunit, where the researcher adduces his or her proofs;
  1. Conclusions it is the final notional unit of the assignment, where author provides own findings and offers recommendations.
  2. Bibliography or endnotes should be located in the end of the creation. If the work inscribes appendices, they should be also located in the end.

Drawing up of the coverage page of the task also has its peculiarities. Heading and subject of the assignment should be placed in its middle part. This page should also inscribe your full name as well as professor’s name. Try not to miss to indicate your group number.

Table of contents of your task should inscribe all subtitles with the indication of the number of the page, where it is located. Do not write too much in the investigative unit of the assignment; its essence should be expressed in 500-600 words. The heading of your work should be written in essay abstract, name of the author follows below. In some cases, students should point the chairs’ names and in addition the name of professor.

Authors should know that introductory unit it is certain overview of their works, where except relevance, it is also needed to point the aim and object of the research. While composing the introductory remarks try not to use quotations at all, since this part does not specify their usage.

Used sources overview shows the author’s awareness in the subject of the task and proves that he or she investigated various points of view respecting this issue.

Conclusions it is the resulting part of any essay, where author presents his or her achievements and assumes future ways of research this issue.

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